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Can I install cork flooring over porcelain tile?

We recommend using floating flooring over porcelain tile. Floating cork flooring can be installed directly over the tile with little to no prep of the existing flooring.

Can glue down flooring have a self adhesive backing?

We do not offer self-adhesive glue-down flooring. For the best long-term installation results, we recommend using water-based contact cement.

Can I put QuietCork under rubber cork flooring

We do not recommend putting QuietCork under rubber cork flooring as it increases the risk of the underlayment and rubber cork separating and the risk of the sheets telegraphing from under the rubber cork.

Can I install cork flooring over radiant heat?

Cork can be installed over radiant heat; however, a few things should be considered. 1. Cork flooring is insulative, so cork flooring will not get as warm as quickly as other flooring, like porcelain tiles. 2. Radiant flooring under cork should never

Do you have any installation instructions for floating flooring?

We do have installation instructions!. PDF Floating Cork Flooring Installation Instructions.

Do you have installation instructions for glue down flooring?

We have PDF installation instructions and a video for how to install glue-down flooring!. Watch: Glue Down Cork Flooring Instructions. Read: PDF Glue Down Cork Flooring Instructions

Is cork flooring suitable for use in a gym?

Cork glue down and floating flooring is an ideal choice for workout spaces and home gyms without heavy free weights or equipment. It is especially well suited for yoga and pilates studios due to its supportive nature. For gyms with heavy free wights

Can I apply a color stain to my cork floor?

Unfinished cork floors can indeed be stained in various colors. When custom staining such floors, achieving an exact color match between tiles is unlikely due to the natural color variations inherent in cork. While the color tones will be consistent,

Can cork flooring be installed in a bathroom?

Cork flooring is ideal in a bathroom as it is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and comfortable to stand on! Cork flooring is also water-resistant and, with proper sealing, will hold up well in a bathroom environment. We do not recommend using cork floor

Can cork flooring be installed over stone flooring?

While our floating flooring can be placed over some types of existing flooring, the existing flooring must be level without grooves or divots. To smooth out an existing stone floor, you can use a self-leveling compound, or if the floor is relatively

Is cork flooring suitable for a concrete basement slab?

Cork tiles can be used effectively in a basement setting. However, because basements are below grade, we recommend laying down a vapor barrier followed by a subfloor before installing glue-down tiles. If you install floating floors, a subfloor is unn

Do your products contain formaldehyde?

Our Cork Floating Floors are made using fiberboards that comply with Class E1, indicating a low formaldehyde content (<0.005ppm). Our glue-down cork flooring, cork wall tiles, and cork rolls are all produced using formaldehyde-free raw materials.

Can rubber cork flooring be installed over radiant heat flooring?

Installing rubber cork mats over radiant heat flooring can be done and is in fact a common practice, but there are some important factors to consider during the installation process: 1. The heat from the floor may lead to a stronger smell of rubber,

Can Rubber Cork flooring be used in outdoor living spaces?

We do not recommend that Rubber Cork flooring for use outdoors or on covered porches.

Can cork flooring be installed in a dry climate?

Cork stands out for its ability to adapt to different environmental conditions while offering comfort, durability, and sustainability. Whether in a humid subtropical, cold continental, or arid climate, cork flooring provides a practical solution that