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Can rubber cork flooring be installed over radiant heat flooring?Updated 2 months ago

Installing rubber cork mats over radiant heat flooring can be done and is in fact a common practice, but there are some important factors to consider during the installation process:

1. The heat from the floor may lead to a stronger smell of rubber, especially during new installations. Applying a sealant can help reduce this odor. It is recommended to install these mats in rooms with good ventilation to mitigate any potential odor issues.

2. Due to the effects of hot and cold temperatures on the tiles, expansion and contraction may occur, necessitating a glue-down application for installation.

3. It's important to note that the mats will act as insulators, which can block the heat from rising into the room. As a result, the floor heating may need to be adjusted to achieve the desired room temperature.

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