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Are there other types of wine corks?

Besides natural and agglomerate wine cork, the other types of wine corks include 1+1 wine corks which have a natural cork disc on each end of an agglomerate middle or colmated wine corks (also known as a pore filled wine cork) which is a low quality

Where do wine corks come from?

Wine corks come from the bark of the cork tree. Natural wine corks are "punched" out of the bark, while agglomerated wine corks are made from granulated cork pressed into a mold.

What is a natural wine cork?

Natural wine corks are solid pieces of cork punched from the bark of the cork oak tree. Natural wine corks are free from any binders or additives and are a great option for high quality wines.

What are agglomerate (agglo) wine corks?

Agglomerated wine corks are made from cork granules taken from the bark of the cork oak tree. Most agglomerated corks are produced by either molding or extrusion.

How are champagne corks different?

Champagne corks use two cork discs, which are laminated to the agglomerated cork. These two discs allow for the maximum expansion of the cork. When the cork is inserted into the bottle, it is straight. After the cork is inserted and exposed to the hi

What type of stopper will best fit my bottle?

We recommend a stem that is 1mm larger than the internal bore diameter of your bottle. For higher proof or clear spirits, we recommend using a natural cork stem or a synthetic stem. Lower proof and darker spirits can use any stem type.

Can I get a custom designed stopper?

We do offer custom stoppers. Learn more here.

Are there any price breaks for specific order quantities?

We do offer price breaks. In addition to price breaks, we also offer discounted carton pricing and wholesale pricing for larger orders. Contact us at [email protected] to find out more about wholesale pricing.

What is the minimum order I can place?

The minimum order varies from item to item. Most items are sold in bag quantities between 50-100. Wholesale minimums are typically 1,000 pcs.

What are the lead times for ordering stoppers?

Unless otherwise indicated, our stoppers are in stock and will ship within 10 business days. Out-of-stock items are indicated on the website. The lead time on out-of-stock items will vary. Contact us if you have questions about a specific item's lead