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Shrink Caps

What is the lead time for custom shrink caps?

The lead time for custom capsules from Jelinek is 10-14 weeks from the time the proof is approved. It's important to note that this timeline starts from the approval of the proof or from reordering an existing design. If it's a new design or size, ex

If my shrink cap has a horizontal tear tab, where should the tear tab sit?

If your shrink cap has a horizontal tear tab, the portion of the capsule that remains on the bottle should generally sit 1.0mm below the top of the bottle opening. The only functional requirement is that the remaining portion of the capsule is below

What colors are available for horizontal tear tabs on custom shrink caps?

Horizontal tear tabs are available for custom shrink caps in the following colors:. GoldSilverBlackRed

How do I select the right size shrink cap for my bottle?

The capsule should be 0.5mm wider than the widest diameter of the bottleneck or the closure, whichever is wider. It's important to assess the diameter across the entire area where the capsule would sit as the bottle’s profile may flare out along the

What are the custom shrink cap size limitations?

There is a max diameter of 47mm and a max length of 75-80mm, which is determined by the cap diameter sizes mentioned below:. Cap diameter:  20-28mm: max length is 75mm. Cap diameter: 29-34mm: max length is 80mm. Cap diameter: 36-38mm: max length is 7

Are there limitations on the number of printed colors for a custom shrink cap order?

Yes, there are limitations on printed colors. We can only print up to 4 colors for a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 25,000. For an MOQ of 500,000, we can print up to 7 colors. These colors are printed through a Pantone match request. It's important

Do you have application recommendations for shrink caps?

Handheld heat guns: The ideal temperatures for heating PVC shrink capsules range from 180 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit. For best results, start heating the shrink cap from the top, holding the top down to the bottle and holding the heat gun 8-12 inches

Can we print on the top of a closed cap custom shrink cap?

Yes, it is possible to print on the top of the closed capsule. There are a couple of options to consider. It's important to note that there is an additional 2-3 week lead time for tooling production for cap printing. Glossy Finish—Hot printing with f

Can I get preproduction samples for custom shrink caps?

Yes, preproduction samples are available for custom shrink cap orders. They are an additional cost, and the customer is responsible for shipping charges. Preproduction sample orders are for 200 shrink caps. Please allow 3-6 weeks for production and s

Can these shrink caps be used on an automated bottling line?

Certainly! If you are using an automated bottling line, please notify your sales representative who will confirm if the shrink cap you are interested in has a support ring or can be made with a support ring. However, it's important to note that there

What are your file requirements for custom shrink cap art files?

We request all artwork files be sent in an illustrator file. This allows us to pull a Pantone color from the file, greatly simplifying the design confirmation process.