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Cork Wall and Ceiling Tiles

Can cork wall tiles be installed over ceramic tiles?

We do not recommend installing cork wall tiles over ceramic tile as the tile pattern will telagraph through the cork wall tile.

Can cork wall tiles be installed around electric fireplaces?

We do not recommend using our cork wall tiles as a fireplace surround as they are not fully fire resistant and have not been tested to building codes for fireplace surrounding materials.

Can I use wallpaper glue rather than contact cement on cork wall tiles?

Based on our testing, wallpaper glue will not work to adhere cork wall tiles. Cork wall tiles are heavier than wallpaper and need an adhesive that adheres instantly; otherwise, the tiles will fall off the wall or ceiling during installation.

Can cork be installed behind a stove as a backsplash?

Whether or not cork can be used behind a stove depends on the type of stove that you have. If you have an electric stovetop, cork can be used behind the stove as a backsplash; however, if you have a gas stove that has an open flame at the burner, we

What is a PSA backing?

PSA is a pressure-sensitive, permanent-grade peel-and-stick adhesive available on many of our wall and ceiling tiles. Customers who will be installing the tiles themselves often prefer PSA backing, as contact cement is not required.

Are cork wall tiles with PSA backing removable?

Our PSA backing is a permanent-grade adhesive and is not designed to be removed. For a temporary application, we recommend screwing a thin piece of plywood to the wall prior to application. This will allow the cork tiles to be removed without damagin

What should I do if the product I received does not adhere to the wall or surfaces properly?

If you are experiencing issues with a self-adhesive product not adhering properly to surfaces, please contact us immediately with details of the problem, including any pictures or descriptions of the issue. Our customer service and warehouse teams wi

Do you have installation instructions for cork wall tiles?

We have PDF installation instructions and an instructional video on installing our cork wall tiles!Watch: Cork Wall Tile Installation Video. Read: PDF Cork Wall Tile Installation Instructions

Do cork wall tiles change color in UV light?

Cork, as a natural product, may change in color when exposed to natural light over a period of time. Cork will tend to fade while most woods will darken/mellow. You can either accept the fading as part of the natural progression of cork, or you can a

Can cork wall and ceiling tiles be used as a bulletin board?

Yes, cork wall tiles are an excellent choice for a pinnable wall or custom cork board!We recommend using our tackboard or acoustic thickness wall tiles if you wish to pin into your cork wall tiles.