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Why does it not feel sealed once the sealant is applied?

The sealer actually penetrates the cork rather than coating it. This allows the cork to retain its properties and provide a non slip surface.

Do I need to reapply sealant?

We recommend reapplying the sealer annually for optimal performance. The sealer can be applied using a brush or a urethane roller and allowed to dry overnight.

Will AquaCork be hot on my feet?

The cork will remain cool to the touch. For best thermal results, we recommend a lighter color grout, which will be cooler than a black or darker color grout.

How does AquaCork stand up to staining liquids?

AquaCork is designed to be used in high-traffic and impact environments such as pleasure cruisers and fishing boats. When properly sealed, the cork will stand up to everything from red wine to fish blood and everything in between. AquaCork is easy to