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When was Jelinek Cork founded?

Jelinek Cork Group is a 5th-generation family company that was founded in 1855.

Where was Jelinek Cork founded?

Jelinek Cork Group was founded in what was the Austrian Hungarian Empire but is now the Czech Republic. During the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, the Jelinek family fled to Canada, where they restarted their beloved cork business.

Where is Jelinek Cork located today?

Jelinek Cork is an international company with offices in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

How does Jelinek Cork ensure social and environmental responsibility in its operations?

As one of the oldest, continually active global suppliers and distributors of cork, Jelinek Cork is highly aware of our social and environmental responsibilities to the continued preservation and well-being of the cork oak tree, the forests the cork

Can we visit Jelinek Cork in person?

Yes. You can visit Jelinek Cork in person. At this time, our locations are available by appointment only. Please contact us by phone or email to schedule a visit.

How does Jelinek Cork support cork forest conservation?

Jelinek Cork recognizes the uniqueness and environmental sensitivity of cork. As long as it is treated with care, respect, and understanding, the cork oak tree will continue to flourish and provide the necessary raw material (bark), a precious but re